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Prado de Lana (translation Meadow of Wool) is a family run sheep farm specializing in wool products from our Romney, Lincoln Longwool, and CVM/Romeldale sheep.  We are the Barcenas family -  Amanda, Alberto, Sammy, and Noelia.  Agriculture and sustainable living have always been something of importance to us. From our organic garden to our free - range chickens, sheep were the perfect livestock for our family. Not only would this be an awesome business adventure for us, but it would create unforgettable memories and learning opportunities for our children.


 All of our sheep are grass fed on lush pastures right in the heart of Southern Berkshire County, MA.  We have recently added Mangalitza, Gloucestshire Old Spots, and American Guinea Hog Pigs to our farm.  

About Our Farm

About Our Products

 All of our products are 100% pure breed  wool, meaning they are not blended with other fibers from other breeds or other natural fibers, and will be offered in an array of natural colors and weights for all of your crocheting, knitting and weaving needs.  For the handspinner and the felter, roving and individual locks will be available to purchase.  Our sheep are coated to ensure the cleanest fleeces possible.  The wool will be processed in a mill specializing in long wool sheep and their unique wool characteristics .


About Our Sheep

How we chose our sheep was pretty simple.  We knew that we wanted big, hearty sheep with lots of long wool.  That being said, there are tons of sheep that fit that criteria.  


I fell in love with the Romney based on their appearance.  They are sturdy and wooly.  They originate from Kent, England where climate and weather conditions are often harsh and damp. Because of this, the Romney developed excellent traits, such as resistance to foot rot, heartiness, and maintaining healthy fleeces even in harsh weather conditions.  They are a very docile breed and don't have horns!  A big plus.  They have a lusturous fleece with a micron count from anywhere between 29 - 36, making it excellent for spinning.  They have little lanolin in their fleeces, allowing very little shrinkage after washing.   The wool is versatile for all types of projects, as they have wonderful crimp to their locks.


Originating from Lincolnshire, England, the Lincoln is one of the oldest breeds of English sheep.  It too, has a sturdy frame built for carrying long, smooth, silky locks.  They are considered a rare breed in that there are less than 1000 breeding ewes spread across the country of England. There are not that many Lincoln breeders in the United States, either. This was very appealing to us, as we are the first registered Lincoln breeders in the state of Pennsylvania.  Their long locks are excellent for tail spinning, carpet and rug making, needle felting and outerwear accessories. They come in both white and variations of gray, and can be sheared twice a year because of their long fleeces.  

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