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How will I receive the wool items I have ordered?

Your order will be shipped through the USPS.  When your item is shipped you will receive a tracking number, as to know when your purchase will be delivered.  

Upon purchase, you will receive the registration papers to make it easy for transferring ownership of the animal.  I would suggest that you register as a member with the breed association, as well. 

What if I want to register a purchased sheep?

All of our sheep are free of major diseases, such as OPP, foot rot, CL, and Scrapie.  All of our sheep are grass fed and raised as naturally as possible.  Upon purchase of your sheep you will receive a health certificate and all health records.  We will share the cost of the health certificate with you. 


How do I know the sheep that I'm purchasing is healthy?

Please email us at or call 610.233.8105  Please leave a detailed message about your question.  Thank you!


How do I contact you with a question?

Don't hesitate to email at or call @ 610.233.8105.  Please leave a detailed message about your question. 

If your question is not covered here...

Yes, definitely!!!  All of our products will be labeled with the amount of yardage or by the ounce.  Send me an email at and I will share my opinion on what type of projects would be best suited for your purchase. 

Can you recommend projects for an item that I purchase?




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