Primas in Spanish means girl cousins.  In a lot of latino cultures, many words that we would use to give title to certain family members (i.e. Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sister, etc) are often extended to others who are close to the family, but may not be blood related.  Clarabelle and Chelsea are in no way related.  But they are members of this entire flock family, so they are primas in the eyes of everyone. 


Almost a black yarn, this very dark chocolate brown is lovely in every way.  It has a squishy, silkiness to it, and a sheen that is like chocolate ganache.  

Primas (Clarabelle & Chelsea)

  • Primas' Yarn:

    2 ply, Sport weight

    350 yds/320 meters

    100% Romney Wool (undyed)


    Garment Types: perfect for sweaters and cardiigans, mittens/gloves, socks, hats, scarves and cowls, shawls. 

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