Baby on Board!

Our first Romney ewe, Holly is set to lamb any day now!!! Eeeekkksss!!! I'm nervous with anticipation. Fingers crossed, and anything else you can cross, for a easy delivery for her and for my nerves! Ha!

Let me tell you a little about Holly, as she's quite a gal. Holly is chocolate brown with hints of grey. I can't wait to see what her yarn will look like. Holly is very gentle and polite, unlike her sister Hazel. Holly is never pushy, but will never shy away from a good neck scratch. She's affectionate and protective. I think she's going to be an excellent little mama to her soon to be arriving twins.

Holly was bred to Augustus, our ram, and he's very handsome. In the sheep world, I would liken him to George Clooney. Dark and mysterious, hard to resist, very non-commital. "Gus" as we affectionately call him, is also chocolate brown, but his sire was natural black. So it will be interesting to see what the lambs will look like. My inner nerd has snuck out trying to do some quick punnet squares...the possibilities make my head spin!

Check back soon to read about what happens!

Gus and Holly...smitten!

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