More Than Just Yarn

Let me preface this by saying that this in no way is a judgment on other yarn producers or what your preferences as a yarn consumer are. It's merely an explanation of the thought process that goes into our yarn.

Fia, Hazel, and Holly - Our first sheep

As our flock has grown, so have my ideas and ways of thinking about their wool has grown. At first, there's just the pure excitement of the first shearing, the first skirting, the first "what shall this be turned into," the first drop off to the mill, the first pick up from the mill, and the first opening of the bags and holding what you have been caring for over the past year in your hands and taking that first proud whiff of sheepy goodness. I will never forget that first batch of yarn that we got back! It still brings a lump to my throat. And it's not so much that I am proud of what we accomplished through that first batch, but that I could truly see the amazing gift that these sweet beings provide for us, all of us.

So let me take you back to the beginning of our yarn producing journey. From the very start, we made the decision that we wanted to keep our colors of yarn natural. We wanted to keep fleeces individual. And we wanted our yarn to be pure breed. And over the past couple of years, there has been some experimentation trying to figure out which fleeces like to be which weights of yarns. An enormous piece of this experimentation has been finding a mill that best suits our needs personally and who is willing to work with us in how we want our yarn. This is HUGE! Without that great relationship and communication with the mill, the yarn will suffer. Everything you have worked for will suffer.

So to better organize my thoughts, I'm going to section this off into four ideas: Natural colored, Pure breed, Small batch, and The Mill.

Natural colored:

Now that we have been producing yarn for a little over two years now, it still amazes me when customers are surprised that we have sheep that are the colors of yarn that they are holding in their hands! You would be surprised how many people think that sheep only come in two colors, black or white. But this is also a great opportunity to educate a potential customer about the array of colors that can be found in the natural color rainbow. And this always brings a smile to their face